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“Our GCSE students have benefitted greatly from Lewis’ videos and worksheets. They are used regularly in lessons in our department and have been extremely useful when teaching online throughout the pandemic. I highly recommend them!”

Adam Knights, Head of Physics, King's Worcester

Worried about the Summer 2022 Exams?

GCSE exams will be going ahead this summer after an extraordinary couple of years. 

Year 11 students will have missed many weeks of school due to Covid lockdowns while continuing to face disruption in the classroom due to staff absence and limitations in the way that the course is delivered.

As a former Head of Science specialising in Physics I have created this website to support any student taking GCSE or IGCSE exams. 


I have covered every aspect of the course with videos that students can easily understand, increasing their confidence as they prepare for their exams.

“The video resources on the websites are second to none, fantastically organised . . . are easy for pupils to follow.”

Ian Barrow, Head of Science, University Collegiate School

What's the Premium Plan?

By purchasing a Premium Plan, you have unlimited access to every resource, including hundreds more the videos that aren't available on YouTube (find the entire list here).

Students will be able to access this content all in one place, with challenging concepts explained clearly and creatively, so that anyone can understand - no matter their level. Suitable for both Foundation and Higher tier students.​

I've designed it for those people that cannot afford expensive private tuition but who want to get their highest possible grades in any exams or assessments. It is a one-off payment of just £19.99.

24 hour access to hundreds of lessons will give you the confidence you need to take on the most challenging material. Knowing that if you get stuck, you'll know where to find the help you need.

Lewis Hillier, Head of Physics, Ffynone House School

“Having the videos all laid out in a logical format that follows the spec is extremely useful and makes the whole process accessible.”


"Students also use the videos during their own study/revision as their first port of call, rarely needing a different explanation."

Once you've purchased your premium plan, you'll be able to choose your exam board and select any topic to view the extra videos and resources.

Log in to your account at the top right of any page, and access every piece of content on both desktop and mobile for 3 years, with no repeat subscriptions and no need to change log-in details.

Stuck on something, find all the frequently asked questions here:

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