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The Beta Version of the Website


What is a Beta version of a website?


This is an early prototype. As soon as material is produced it is uploaded to the website - often before it is officially released on YouTube. At this stage the website is being updated every day and small improvements are continually implemented.

What is on the website so far?

Every video that has been filmed and edited is embedded within this website. There are also many webpages that have been written with the video titles and text - with space for the planned videos so you can see what is coming.

Which videos will be filmed?

There is a list of all the videos that will make up the core of this website that you can see here.


Plenty more will be added to this, including practical experiments, past papers and ways to help you revise and then do well in your exams.

Why haven't you finished it yet?

It has taken longer than planned! I want to make the highest quality material to really help you understand the topics, rather than rushing out some lower quality boring videos. 

What are the developments in the next few months?

Where do I start? There are many improvements that will be made. These include:

  • Checking for spelling mistakes and typos

  • Checking the spacing of elements on every page

  • Configuring the mobile version so it works well on your phone and tablet

  • Adding in links to appropriate videos at the bottom of every page (including videos about that topic at A Level and for teachers)

  • Responding to feedback about broken links and missing content

  • Adding sections with Required/Core Practicals and the various ways these can be carried out



How will the site develop after that?

There will be hundreds of questions to help you learn and understand the content. There will also be work throughs of past exam papers.

What is the Premium Plan?

This is extra content that you can access to help you as you study GCSE Physics. This is designed to be the highest quality while also accessible to every student who needs it at an affordable price of just £9.99.

How can I access the Beta Version of the Premium Plan?

Easy. This is just £4.99, rather than the usual £9.99, because all the material is not fully ready yet. Access still lasts for 3 years but you get it for half the usual price.

When will the site be finished?

As soon as possible! The plan is to complete the core content and practical experiments by Christmas 2019, with extra material always being added to keep improving this resource.

How can I contact you?


Please email with any further questions you may have.

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