Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve spotted a mistake, how can I tell you about it?

Please let me know! Spleling mitsakes and broken links, or any other issues you find with the website, are easily fixed once I know about it. This will make the website more user friendly for the thousands of other students who will be using it in the future. Just email me at

Does it work on mobiles and tablets?

Absolutely, it has been designed from the beginning to work on all types of phone and tablets, as well as your laptop or desktop computer.

What are the video hosted on?

All the freely available videos are hosted on YouTube and can be embedded on other websites or VLEs. Videos behind the paywall are securely hosted on Vimeo.

What do the different colours mean?

Each webpage is designed to make it as simple as possible for students to find the right videos they need for the exam they will be sitting. Content in white is suitable for Combined/Double science. Extra material highlighted in blue is for the full GCSE Physics course - also called Triple or Separate Physics. Resources for the International IGCSE are coloured yellow. For example CIE or Edexcel IGCSE. To see how each page can be used then find more information here.

Where can I see the latest videos?

Make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing on YouTube and clicking the bell for notifications. Just search for 'Physics Online'.

How long do subscriptions last for?

All Premium Plan subscriptions last for 36 months from when they are purchased. This means if you start your GCSEs in Year 9 you only pay once and it lasts until you take your exams at the end of Year 11.

How much does individual student access to the Premium Plan cost?

The website is great value with a one off payment of just £9.99 for full access (a lot cheaper than private tuition which is often £20 for just one hour).

Does the content work outside of the UK?

Although the videos were developed primarily for the GCSEs taken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, they are also suitable for students all around the world – especially students taking international IGCSEs. As long as you can view videos on YouTube and Vimeo then you’ll be fine.

Are there School Subscriptions available?

If you are a teacher and would like all the GCSE students at your school to have access to all the material it is now possible to buy a whole school subscription. It is just £299 for 12 months or £499 for 24 months and allows full website access for all the students at your school.

Do you make videos for A Level as well?

I do! There are over 600 videos supporting A Level Physics at

Can I embed individual videos onto a school VLE?

Please do share the videos with your students if you're a teacher. The freely available material is all hosted on YouTube so these videos can be embedded within you school website or VLE. You can also embed the free webpages. For example, if you use Firefly you simply copy the URL and embed it within a page created within the VLE. Please contact me to find out more about using these videos on your VLE.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. You can view the full privacy policy.

How can I contact you?

Please email with any further questions you may have.

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