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Session 1 - Standard Form

A standard format of displaying numbers. This is a great opportunity for you to hone your maths skills and get used to completing questions on Isaac Physics.

1. Standard Form

Watch this video that revises how we convert numbers into standard form and back to 'normal' numbers. This includes a worked example that you should be able to do fairly easily.

2. How Standard Form Works

At GCSE you need to know what to do, at A Level you need to understand why we do it. This includes the maths behind where the various numbers come from. This video goes into a little bit more detail about this.

3. Standard Form and Significant Figures

The reason why you need to fully understand Standard Form is because you will use it ALL THE TIME to display your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures. From now on you need to ensure that every time you write you answer to a question you round it to the appropriate amount.

4. Isaac Physics - Standard Form

Now have a go at these two sets of questions. Each one is a 'Board' where I have selected some questions for you to have a go at. The first one is GCSE standard, the second one is typical of the questions you would get in the first few weeks of A Level.

I would suggest that you sign up for a free Isaac Physics account so you can save your progress. I will not be able to see any of your personal data, although in the future you may be able to show your new teachers the work you have completed during this time.

5. Livestream (3rd June 2020)

There will be a FREE YouTube livestream at 12pm (UK time) on 3rd June 2020 where I will go through any tricky answers to the Isaac Physics questions and answer any other queries you may have. You can also catch up with the replay after the event. 

Extension. Prepare for the Challenge of A Level Physics

This week I would like you to read through Section 1 of the book which gives you an overview of the topics taught in A Level. A lot of this material will be new to you but use it to get a flavour of what is to come.

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