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“Our GCSE students have benefitted greatly from Lewis’ videos and worksheets. They are used regularly in lessons in our department and have been extremely useful when teaching online throughout the pandemic. I highly recommend them!”

Adam Knights, Head of Physics, King's Worcester


Hundreds of free video tutorials explaining physics in an easy and interesting way, with additional questions and resources.


Everything organised for your exam board so you can find anything you need whenever you need it.


Unlimited access to the complete set of GCSE videos for 3 years for a one-off fee when you buy a Premium Plan.

“Having the videos all laid out in a logical format that follows the spec is extremely useful and makes the whole process accessible.”


"Students also use the videos during their own study/revision as their first port of call, rarely needing a different explanation."

Lewis Hillier, Head of Physics, Ffynone House School

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Select your exam board below, to discover hundreds of GCSE videos organised by exam board and topic. Designed to help you understand the physics you need for your exams by a qualified teacher.

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