Information for Teachers

What is a School Subscription?


Many Science Departments are now using GCSE Physics Online as a key resource for their students.

This includes:

  • 350+ high quality videos, with many worked examples

  • 500+ multiple choice Quick Questions to reinforce the key points and address misconceptions

  • Material organised by exam board and topic, suitable for both Combined (Double) or Physics (Separate/Triple)

  • 24 hour online access, including mobile friendly content that can be viewed at home

  • Support with dedicated online lessons and livestreams where students can ask questions

  • A simple one-off payment for the year

Why pay for a Subscription?


Some reasons include:

  • Increased attainment and confidence for students of all abilities

  • Quality resources you can trust during this time of increased school disruption due to Covid-19

  • Assurance that material is made by a qualified teacher

  • Full access to the entire website for every student from Year 9 to Year 11

  • Resources to support PGCE, NQT and non-specialist teachers of Physics


How much?

12 months access costs £299. This works out at less than 50p per year per student, based on 200 children in Years 9, 10 and 11.

There is also the option, if your departmental budget allows, to purchase 24 months for £499 (saving your school £99).

FSM Discounts

Schools with a high percentage of 'pupils eligible for free school meals at any time during the past 6 years' receive a discount based on the data for their school. This is published at 'Compare School Performance'.

  • 50% discount applied for 30%+ FSM

  • 75% discount applied for 50%+ FSM 

A Level Physics Online Discount

If you have students taking A Level Physics then I have hundreds more high quality videos covering this course. Trusted by hundreds of schools and thousands of students around the world. Find out more at ''


  • 10% discount applied to both packages 

Other Discounts

Do contact me if you wish to discuss the right package for your school, for example special schools with a very low number of students or a package for multiple schools within a Multi Academy Trust.


Contact Lewis

*Please note that if you qualify for more than one discount they will be applied in order.


For example, if your school qualifies for a 50% FSM discount and 10% discount because you also subscribe to A Level then the total price will be:

  • £299.00 x 0.5 = £149.50 (initial 50% discount applied)

  • £149.50 x 0.9 = £134.55 (a further 10% applied)

Teachers, purchase your School Subscription today!

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