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Isaac Physics

Isaac Physics is a project designed to offer support and physics problem solving to teachers and students from Year 7 through to university. 


The best way to improve your grade in your final exams is to practice as many questions as possible so you become confident with the underlying physics. It takes time but if you continue to practise you will master it!

There is a website that has thousands of questions for you to answer online. You can create a free account so you can record your progress (and even share this with your teachers). 

It is a project run by the University of Cambridge and supported by the Ogden Trust with the aim of developing the problem solving ability of students from GCSE to A Level (and beyond).

Isaac Physics Logo GCSE Physics Online.png
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Isaac Physics on this Website

Questions suitable for GCSE have been selected that allow you to work through the concepts discussed in the videos.

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Every time you see the Isaac Physics logo at the top of a page you can click on it to view the questions.

This takes you to a new tab with a 'Game Board'. You can then work through your answers - making sure that you show your working out.

You will find many of the questions straightforward, but there are some which can seem quite challenging at first.


Don't forget that I have videos on this site that you can watch to remind you of the new physics knowledge, as well as worked examples where I show an approach to problems. 

There are also videos I made available on the Isaac Physics website - just click on 'Hint 2' to watch these.

Isaac Physics GCSE Game Boards

Isaac Physics FAQs

Access the Isaac Physics website here:

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