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Equations in Physics

Equations are an important part of physics:

  • They allow us to predict what will happen if we know a few bits of information

  • They are universal, so they work the same way anywhere in the Universe


Re-arranging Equations / Changing the Subject

Re-arranging equations is an essential skill to master:

  • Decide which term you want to make the subject of the equation

  • Whatever you do to the left-hand side of the equation you do to the right-hand side too

Re-arranging Equations: Example A

A straightforward example of re-arranging an equation.

Re-arranging Equations: Example B

A slightly more complex equation that is re-arranged.

Mathematical Symbols

This is a quick recap of the mathematical symbols you may come across in GCSE Physics.

Greek Letters

We quickly run out of letters to represent all the quantities we use at GCSE. We use letters from the Greek alphabet and here I run through the new symbols you will be using.

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