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At the top of each page is a guide that highlights which exam boards the content is suitable for. These also act as links back to the page for that board.

Content in yellow is for international IGCSE courses.

Content highlighted in blue is only for the full GCSE Physics course


This is not needed for the Combined or Double Award.

To access some of the content you need to upgrade to Premium membership. This gives you access to hundreds more videos explaining the full course.

Kinetic Energy

The kinetic energy of an object depends on two factors:

  • Mass

  • Speed

Video tutorials explain the new physics content you need to understand for GCSE.

These videos cover all aspects of the course and are suitable for students of all abilities.

A brief description of the topic is also included beneath each video.

This first example looks at calculating the kinetic energy stored in a moving object.

There are example questions for you to have a go at to check your understanding.


Once you have worked out your solution you can watch the video to check your answer.

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Extra videos which you may find interesting are shown at the bottom of each page. This may include similar content at A Level, instructions for teachers or other GCSE videos related to this topic.

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