Past Exam Papers

From 2017

These are the past papers from the current CCEA GCSE courses. 

2019 (May/June)

Unit 2 H

Unit 3: Booklet A H 

Unit 3: Booklet B H

Unit 3 Booklet B F

Unit 3: Booklet A F 

Unit 2 F

GCSE Physics F + H

Unit 7 Booklet A H 

Unit 7 Booklet B H

Unit 7 Booklet A F 

Unit 7 Booklet B F

GCSE Double Science

  • Examiner's Report

2019 (March)

GCSE Double Science

2018 (November)

GCSE Double Science

2018 (May/June)

GCSE Double Science

GCSE Physics

2018 (March)

GCSE Double Science

Old Specification Papers

To find past papers from the legacy CCEA GCSE course please follow the link to the CCEA website below.

GCSE Physics Online Recommended for Home Learning

The following organisations have recently recommended these resources to support students who are learning from home during the Covid-19 crisis.


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