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Lockdown 3.0 (2021)

During this current lockdown (from January 2021) I will continue to deliver live YouTube lessons every Monday. These are at 6.00pm (UK time) for GCSE and include a past exam question I work through, as well as answering some of your questions.

Find the full schedule on the live page:

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Lockdown 1.0 (Summer 2020)

During the lockdown and closure of schools from May to July 2020 I supported thousands of students around the world with their GCSE Physics. You now replay any of these at any time on demand. 


These will be perfect for students across the UK taking GCSEs and international schools where IGCSEs are taken.

  1. LEARN - Watch some videos and test yourself with Quick Questions

  2. PRACTISE - Complete the short worksheet 

  3. REVIEW - Watch the YouTube livestream where I work through the answers

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