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Statement from Ofqual (UK Exam Board Regulators) - 3rd April 2020

For this summer’s awards, schools and colleges are being asked to provide centre assessment grades for their students. These should be fair, objective and carefully considered judgements of the grades schools and colleges believe their students would have been most likely to achieve if they had sat their exams, and should take into account the full range of available evidence.

Home School - Weekly Timetable 


If your school is closed due to coronavirus then you will still be able to continue with a GCSE Physics lesson on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These will be perfect for students across the UK and international schools where IGCSEs are taken, especially those in Year 9 and 10.

There will also be material for students currently in Year 11 and wanting to prepare for A Level Physics.

  1. LEARN - Watch some videos and test yourself with Quick Questions

  2. PRACTISE - Complete the short worksheet 

  3. REVIEW - Watch the daily livestream at 10.00am when I work through the answers

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Future Lessons

  • Mon 20th April (Kinetic Energy)

  • Tue 21st April (Gravitational Potential)

  • Wed 22nd April (Elastic Potential)

  • Mon 27th April (Series Circuits)

  • Tue 28th April (Parallel Circuits)

  • Wed 29th April (Real Circuits)

  • Mon 4th May (Specific Heat Capacity)

  • Tue 5th May (SHC Practical)

  • Wed 6th May (Specific Latent Heat)

  • Mon 11th May (Distance-Time Graphs)

  • Tue 12th May (Acceleration)

  • Wed 13th May (Velocity-Time Graphs)

  • Mon 18th May (Equations of Motion)

  • Tue 19th May (Force Diagrams)

  • Wed 20th May (Resolving Forces)

Future Lessons

  • Mon 1st June (Momentum)

  • Tue 2nd June (Conservation of Momentum)

  • Wed 3rd June (Standard Form)

  • Mon 8th June (Stars)

  • Tue 9th June (Big Bang)

  • Wed 10th June (Vectors)

  • Mon 15th June (Wave Calculations)

  • Tue 16th June (EM Waves)

  • Wed 17th June (Trigonometry)

  • Mon 22 June (Reflections)

  • Tue 23rd June (Refraction)

  • Wed 24th June (Displacement)

  • Mon 29th June (Radioactive Decay)

  • Tue 30th June (Half-life)

  • Wed 1st July (F=ma)

Coronavirus COVID-19 updates and daily lessons

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