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Drawing Graphs

Plotting Data

Plotting data allows you to see any trends or patterns in your results:

  • Make sure your graph is large enough

  • Look at your data and choose a sensible scale

  • Take care to plot your points accurately

Lines of Best Fit

A line of best fit should be drawn, passing as close to as many data points as possible:

  • Straight lines should be drawn with a ruler

  • Sometimes a curved line is more appropriate and this can be drawn freehand

Anomalous Results

An anomalous result does not fit the pattern:

  • Plot all your data on your graph

  • If you have any anomalies, ignore them when drawing your line of best fit

Drawing Graphs: Example A

An example of how data can be plotted on a graph.

Drawing Graphs: Example B

Another example of plotting data on a graph.

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