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Session 3 - Trigonometry

You will spend a lot of time using sin, cos and tan as we go beyond the simple up, down, left and right that you'll be familiar with from GCSE.


Watch this video that revises these trigonometric functions.

2. Isaac Physics - Trigonometry

Now have a go at these questions. You should draw your own diagrams and label them to help you decide if you're going to use sin, cos or tan. There are also some mixed physics questions for you to have a go at.

I would suggest that you sign up for a free Isaac Physics account so you can save your progress. I will not be able to see any of your personal data, although in the future you may be able to show your new teachers the work you have completed during this time.

3. Livestream (17th June 2020)

There will be a FREE YouTube livestream at 12pm (UK time) on 17th June 2020 where I will go through any tricky answers to the Isaac Physics questions and answer any other queries you may have. You can also catch up with the replay after the event. 

Extension. Prepare for the Challenge of A Level Physics

This week you could try the experiment on page 44 - this does use an app that allows you to measure the motion on a projectile. You could film your own, or use the example videos that come with the App, to plot some motion graphs.

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