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Energy Stores and Transfers

An Introduction to Energy

Energy is a central concept in physics. It is something that:

  • is conserved in a closed system

  • cannot be created or destroyed

  • is a quantity you can calculate

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Energy Stores

Energy can be transferred from one store to another. The main stores are:

  •  Kinetic, Gravitational Potential, Elastic Potential, Chemical and Thermal

A few more Energy Stores

In addition to the five stores mentioned in the previous video, there are a further three:

  • Magnetic, Electrostatic and Nuclear

Types of Energy Transfer

Think of HERM! There are four ways in which energy is transferred from one store to another:

  • Heating

  • Electrical

  • Radiation (including sound, light and all electromagnetic waves)

  • Mechanical

Dealing with Energy Stores and Transfers 

When you describe the changes in energy stores for a scenario, you must break the problem down into three parts:

  • Choose a clear start and end point

  • Decide which energy stores are involved in the process

  • Name the transfer processes that take place between the stores

Energy Stores and Transfers in LEGO

In this video I use the LEGO Haunted House to perform a practical demonstration to help explain the energy stores and transfers involved in a fairground ride going up to the top and back down again.

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