Energy Stores Examples

Example: An Object Projected Upwards

Let's take the starting point as when the arrow is released and the end point as the highest point the arrow reaches.

Example: A Moving Object Hitting an Obstacle

Don't worry - the rifle isn't real! These are the energy transfers for a bullet hitting a target.

Example: An Object Accelerated by a Constant Force

This example shows a standard lab trolley accelerated by a falling weight - often one of the practical experiments you will carry out for GCSE.

Example: A Vehicle Slowing Down

In this example the vehicle is a bicycle, although the same principles apply for cars and lorries.

Example: A Kettle Heating up Water

This is a kettle plugged into the mains electricity supply. An alternative would be a kettle heated on a gas stove, where the starting point is the chemical energy store of the fuel.

Example: A Balloon Bursting

An inflated balloon is burst, describe the energy stores and transfers that take place.

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