AQA Required Practicals

You must understand how to set up and use the equipment, identify variables and analyse any results. You will be assessed on this in your final written exams

Choose your experiment:

  • SHC - Determine the specific heat capacity of one or more materials

  •  Insulators  - Investigate the effectiveness of different materials as thermal insulators 

  • Resistance - Set up circuits to investigate the resistance of a length of wire at constant temperature and resistors in series and parallel

  • IV Characteristics - Set up circuits to investigate the I-V characteristics of a resistor, a filament lamp and a diode

  • Density - Make and record measurements to determine the density of regular objects, irregular objects and Liquids

  • Springs - Investigate the relationship between force and extension for a spring

  • Acceleration - Investigate the effect on acceleration of varying the force for a constant mass and varying the mass for a constant force

  • Waves - Make observations to identify the suitability of apparatus for measuring the frequency, wavelength and speed of waves in a ripple tank and waves in a solid

  •  Light  - Investigate the reflection of light by different types of surfaces and refraction of light by different substances

  • Infrared - Investigate how the amount of infrared radiation absorbed or radiated by a substance depends on the surface

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