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Prepare for A Level Physics

With schools shut during summer 2020 I came up with a series of tasks, supported by livestream videos, for students who were preparing to start A Level Physics in Autumn 2020.

This page has links to all the video I made - just scroll down to Session 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 at the bottom of the page to find the work that was set for each one.

Lewis Matheson, October 2020

Prepare for the Challenge

You should read this book if you are considering studying Physics at A Level. It has been written by a teacher for students like you, with some great ideas that you can try at home.

Isaac Physics

There are thousands of questions as Isaac Physics that you answer online. This is a great way to deepen your understanding of the topics you will be covering in Year 12. If you have not used it before then watch this short summary video where I show you around the place.

Pre A Level Sessions

There are five areas we are going to concentrate on.


These consolidate and develop your current knowledge and, once you complete the questions, will improve your mathematical understanding ready for the start of A Levels.

If you find that there are large gaps in your understanding of GCSE Physics make sure you address these now (perhaps by using the material on this website). 

These are the sessions we will cover:


Each one will include videos (of course), Isaac Physics questions and a YouTube livestream where I go through the material.

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